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10 years ago I started selling handmade jewellery in a sweet shop in St Anne's, then I went onto selling something else and something else..

Nothing ever seemed to work out.. Dreamt of working for myself my whole life. I got made redundant back in 2017 and it was the best thing that happened.. Because it really gave me the push I needed to finally work on something for myself.

10 years later, I am self employed, I don't have a minute to breathe and I LOVE every minute of it. I am a Mummy to the most beautiful twins, and they literally are my world. It takes so much time to build up a little business and I'm only just beginning..

Never ever gave up on my dream. So many people said how can you make a living doing this and that but here I am. I have my own website and my own Etsy shop.. Something a crafting geek like me only ever dreamt of.. And now it's real. I have SO many new products uploading daily and it's so exciting to see my work come to life on my website. I work with the most amazing people who bring my work to life and help me every step of the way to make my dreams come true!

Being a single parent doesn't mean you cannot achieve anything you put your mind too. If anything my twins make me want to work twice as hard to prove that I can do it alone.

Dinky Designs growing every single day.

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